Touchmill line:
innovative and eco-friendly products

When we talk about Touchmill, we mean a technology that goes beyond leather.
A technology that is synonymous with quality and excellence.

Companies that use products from the Touchmill series know that their leather will have increased value. These products, in fact, improve leathers, giving them a very natural effect.

products for leather for gloves
leather softness effect photo
chemical products for leather for jackets
chemical products for soft to the touch leather

Advantages of using Touchmill products

Tannery workers can use Touchmill products on all types of leather, from Upholstery to footwear, from leather goods to clothing and to automotive.

When customers make a purchase, the first thing they look at is the shape and then they want to feel the product. In this moment, one of the most important senses triggers; touch.
GSC Group works to give leather the touch factor that customers desire.
Leather treated with products from the Touchmill line, indeed stands out for its softness and naturalness.

Touchmill treated leather is soft and natural.

Research, studyand the formulation of new solutions dedicated to the Touchmill line are conceived to meet any type of requirements in the characterisation that you wish to give finished leather and, often, to solve the uncountable problems that a tanner must face, besides possibly having to intervene on the results.
In the GSC Group tradition, the Touchmill line is the result of skilful and reliable work and something very important – innovation.

To know more about the Touchmill line products, contact the GSC Group: our technicians will provide you with all the necessary information.

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