Pigmenti e coloranti per la rifinizione


Series of extremely versatile dyes for finishing, selected for their high color strength and remarkable brilliance; particular care has been given in selection of tones that respond to the current needs about articles. In case of use together with thinner for “nitrocellulose” type, it is recommended to perform compatibility tests in advance.

Divalux Lemon

Divalux Yellow

Divalux Yellow AC

Divalux Orange

Divalux Red

Divalux Cherry

Divalux Rubin

Divalux Fuxia

Divalux Camel

Divalux Brandy

Divalux Red Brown

Divalux Dark Brown

Divalux Ebony

Divalux Aquamarine

Divalux Blu

Divalux Navy

Divalux Green

Divalux Black

Divalux Deep Black

Divalux K Black (cationic)