Research and Innovation

GSC Group Spa,
the future of leather

Every year GSC uses a substantial part of bot hits financial and human resources in the study of innovative technical solutions and new products and application processes to introduce onto the Italian and international market.

Innovate, to give the best.

For the GSC Group spa, the research and development of new chemical solutions and innovative criteria of hide application and treatment are essential elements that make the company a reference point for customers globally, a reliable supplier for the quality of its production and for customer service.

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Research and development, an excellent investment

The company’s research and development activity follows several procedures and parameters to produce chemical products that ensure the top quality of the end results regarding the most advanced criteria of environmental sustainability and always providing competitive products, evenpricewise.

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Where are GSC Group products for the tanning industry created from?

A team of highly-qualified professional researchers in the company use the most sophisticated chemical analysis instrumentation and collaborations with universities and other international research institutes.

There is a laboratory to perform physical tests on hides, which is complete with different types of cutting edge machinery, in compliance with international ASTM, UNI-EN ISO and DIN standards, which directly check the results of new applied technologies, aligning them with the requirements of the market and our customers.

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Research and Innovation

The encounter between innovation and technology

The encounter between innovation and technology is all-encompassing in the GSC Group. There are frequent collaborations with universities, constant staff training and ongoing research of cutting edge industrial processes. All of this contributes to giving a response that is quick and highly reliable technically for the best innovative solutions in treating leathers.

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