GSC Group supports Leather Naturally association.

February 22, 2020

GSC Group supports the Leather Naturally association which has planned a media campaign to raise awareness on the identity of leather, informing and educating producers and consumers from any sector on the importance and advantages of choosing a high-quality product.
The purpose is to point out that synthetic materials are not the environmentally-friendly alternative to leather production. By believing they are, we forget that in a circular economy processing by-products greatly reduces waste. Technological progress enables tanneries to fight against this wrong assumption, while promoting the versatile features of leather: beauty, sustainability and quality.

“Likening the word “cruelty” to tanning production is inappropriate and unjustified as no animal is killed to have leather, but only meat for human consumption. Raw hides (the raw material used by tanneries) are waste from slaughter for food purposes that, if not recovered as a byproduct of the tanning industry, would only clog landfills with high environmental costs. Therefore, leather demand and production do not affect the number of animals slaughtered, nor would removing leather reduce the number of animals killed, creating instead serious problems processing waste from slaughterhouses. As a result, the tanning industry recycles a material which would be considered waste and pays attention to animal welfare for both ethical and economic reasons, as it can result in higher quality of leathers.”

[UNIC , Il Sole 24 Ore]

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