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The expression Made in Italy in the fashion industry has always been synonymous of talent. A talent with great industrial creativity behind it that the GSC Group, a leading company in the chemical products industry, makes available to its clientele through an offer of innovative solutions and high-quality technical-applicatives in hide treatment and processing.

Furthermore, the Gsc Group is able to produce custom-made solutions for the various customer requirements: through its highly-specialised staff of researchers and technicians, dreams come true.

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Luxury leather goods could ask for nothing better

The professional team of the GSC Group cooperates with stylists and designers to ensure their specific product and sustainability requirements. The ever-ongoing rapid evolution of fashion trends require ready answers that the company is able to quickly provide.

The know-how of technicians and their constant presence at the customer’s premises ensure thebest latest generation chemical and technical-applicative solutions available on the national and international market.

In addition, the GSC Group performs continuous physical tests with specific attention to matching the requested requirements.

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Elegance and refinement are in the DNA of the GSC Group and its products for treating hides.

So here is a wide range of latest generation products, designed to comply with the highest environmental standards and developed for the processing of hides for footwear, clothing and leather goods.

They are innovative solutions for the tanning, re-tanning and finishing phases, solutions characterised by quality and reliability, all expressions of the most up-to-date synthesis technology and product preparation.

Technologies and products dedicated to Made in Italy.

A particularly interesting fact for the valued customers of the GSC Group is the possibility to work on the most varied fashion tones using the OPERA, OXY FINE and MICROTEX pigment lines: ready-to-use pigment dispersions, totally water-based with no casein with high chemical-physical solidity and colouristic versatility.

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n the OXY FINE series, the “KN” stands out for the valued characteristic to enable both cationic and anionic finishing applications, making available colours that are perfectly in tone with the elegance and typical naturalness of cationic finishes, but compatible with all other additives and finishing products.

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Always in the colour world, the line of liquid colourants must be noted for finishing leathers of the DIVALUX series, which combines high technical performance with environmental focus, a distinctive sign of the GSC Group. The colourants of this series, in fact, are highly requested for the brilliance of the tones achieved, albeit using non-inflammable solvents.

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The FYL WAX series for waxed, pull-up and “burnish” items, is composed of products that confer remarkable tone intensity and brilliance and that bring excellent re-polish ability, without altering the original softness of the leather. This category of products is certainly the most influenced by the constantly evolving fashion requests, which the research and development team follow with new proposals.

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The NEOFAT line, products to fatliquor hides, which are both synthetic and natural oil based, with excellent characteristics for their ability to penetrate leather, even in areas where the dermis is more compact, are able to confer softness and fullness to any type of hide.

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The TECNOBINDER and NEOTAN series, synthetic and re-tanning resins, are able to solve any problem in the re-tanning phase. These characteristics have been achieved because of the combination of technical experience and know how acquired by the GSC Group by working on the field.

To find out more about our range of chemical products for treating footwear and leather goods, contact the GSC Group!

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