Beauty and technology for the automotive sector.

Beauty based on Italian Style common criteria, encounters the highest technological standards of durability and high performance: this is the interpretation the GSC Group pursues in the creation and design of its range of chemical products to treat leathers, dedicated to the automotive industry.

These systems are designed in compliance with environmental sustainability, in harmony with the comfort of the car leather interiors and colour shades to make the passenger cabin of every car similar to the living room at home.

car leather interiors
car leather steering wheel
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car leather interiors

Leather for car interiors

Innovative solutions
for car leather interiors.

GSC Group has designed a wide range of state-of-the-art products, developed for the processing of hides for car interiors, including innovative solutions for tanning, re-tanning and finishing, characterised by quality and reliability, expressions of the latest synthesis technology and product preparation.

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Products designed to satisfy the customer.

The creativity of the researchers in the GSC Group originates from an in-depth study of customers’ needs, with special focus on the end user. The development of chemical and technical-applicative innovations confirms the products of the automotive line as a reference point in treating hides for prestigious car brands worldwide.

GSC Group:
a reference point also in assistance.

Due to experience, to the specific knowledge of the international market and ongoing technological research, the GSC Group provides a planning, control and assistance service, even after sales.

The company additionally ensures the integrity in the support and in the choice of products and their use, the personalisation of the chemical solutions based on production requirements and the support of the ever up to date and reliable representatives.

The automotive product line

icona colori per pelli

Colour consistency, reproducibility and precision are the expressions of the pigments of the Opera series: colouristic excellence, extreme simplicity and use versatility.

icona tatto della pelle

Pleasant tactile sensations, elegance and naturalness are conferred to the finishings because of the products of the Syntal and Touchmill series, touch modifier agents used in the different processing phases of the hides.

senza NMP e NEP

The sophistication and versatility of the polymeric binders of the PRIMEX series and (BINDER tbc), polyurethanes in aqueous dispersion without NMP and NEP, characterised by their refinement combined with the highest standards of durability and solidity.

icona effetto lucido e opaco pelle

The highest expression of formulation flexibility to create the matt and shiny effects, is conferred by the AQ system and PM series for water-based Top Coat.

icona riconcia pelle

The elegance and softness conferred to the hides during re-tanning and fatliquoring are given by products of the NEOFAT, NEOTAN and SUSTAN series, selected for the automotive range and used for production uniformity and consistency, while completely respecting the environment.

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